Moved Febreze from a last minute use brand to an everyday use brand.

The air freshener market is stuck at a standstill - and all of the brands have begun to play copycat.

Our cleaning culture is changing from "deep clean, bleach the house Sundays" to every day quick cleans.

Febreze can prove that they understand how people are cleaning today and tap into the quick clean culture (just like laundry pods and cleaning wipes).

Make Febreze the air freshener brand of choice for the every day cleaners.

The 5 minute cleaner. These cleaners are cohabiting spaces where they not only pick up after themselves, but the people they live with as well - whether that be vacuuming the stairs, taking out the trash, or simply wiping off the counters.

Febreze compliments the five minute clean.

Made with some of my favorite people:

ST: Shelby Williamson & Lauren Vickers